New ecocirc® 20-18 and ecocirc+ 20-18

February 2, 2021

Bell & Gossett has long had a history of innovation and continuous improvement by taking advantage of new technologies and applying them to even the smallest products. Following the B&G “System Approach”, these new technologies are done to improve hydronic performance rather than doing things just to look flashy. New motor technologies and low-cost programmable controls have been the largest sources of improvement in recent history. Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) have an inherent efficiency advantage over AC induction motors and are built to be operated in a variable speed mode.  However, this technology by itself does not improve a system. A pump must have some controls to determine the proper speed at which to operate. Not all systems are the same, so adjustability and control scheme options quickly become a requirement. The latest B&G pumps have all these qualities available to not just the larger-horsepower pumps, but the smallest as well.


Bell and Gossett is excited to announce the launch of the new ecocirc® 20- 18 variable speed ECM smart circulator. The ecocirc 20-18 and ecocirc+ 20-18 are the newest generation variable speed ECM smart circulators, providing a superior product for both heating and cooling and potable water applications including residential buildings, domestic hot water systems, underfloor heating systems, and more.


The ecocirc+ 20-18 model allows for wireless connectivity directly to a smartphone for full control. The ecocirc 20-18 can replace at least 70 pumps currently in the market, leaving no concerns for finding a suitable replacement on the job site. Features and benefits include:

  • Best-in-class efficiency through its optimized hydraulic and high-efficiency variable speed ECM motor; operational costs are kept to a minimum
  • Blocked rotor resistance from an industry-leading patented construction, including a ceramic shaft and bearings combination
  • Easy maintenance with only four screws to remove the motor assembly
  • Full control (ecocirc+ 20-18) from wireless connectivity allows the user to maximize the system through automated energy saving features

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