Metraflex Improves an Oldie

November 15, 2023

Metraflex has taken a fresh look at one of the oldest and most often used piping accessories – the simple strainer.  The result is a significant improvement in two important areas.

First, the new Metraflex LPD Y-Strainer/Filter provides significant energy savings over the old Y-strainer. Metraflex has re-engineered the 100-year-old strainer and given it a leaner interior with fewer obstructions.  Slight changes to the bridge wall/body casting structure direct flow in a much straighter line from intake to discharge over traditional designs. Other internal structural improvements also help create a more open internal geometry, allowing for smoother flow throughout the strainer.  The result is significantly lower pressure drops resulting in energy-savings so significant that the LPD Y-strainer can pay for itself in months. Metraflex commissioned a study with the Utah Water Research Lab to quantify the results of this new design- For details :View Utah Water Research Laboratory study.


Second, the new LPD Y-strainer internal design also accommodates a significantly larger screen, up to 30% larger. This larger screen has more holes allowing smoother fluid flow. In addition, as debris collects, the same amount of debris trapped by both the new LPD Y-strainer screen and a traditional, old Y-strainer screen covers a significantly smaller percentage of the new LPD Y-strainer screen. This contributes to lower pressure loss. It also takes longer for debris to collect and significantly impact strainer performance.  Operators have the option to open the plug and drain the strainer, or easily access the screen by removing the plate.

To improve the filtration effectiveness even further, systems can be upgraded to the LPD-Mag.   This incorporates a Neodymium magnet to capture iron oxide and other magnetic dirt in the system.  The upgrade is available on new LPD strainers or can be retrofitted to most existing installations.





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