Lochinvar Shield Upgraded

June 10, 2020

Lochinvar has a decades-long history of constantly improving and developing product to meet the needs and desires of the marketplace. The latest example of this commitment to continuous improvement is the newest generation of Lochinvar Shield products.

From the outside the Lochinvar Shield looks like many other tank-style water heaters, but, this is not the case. Each model is a packaged system of Lochinvar’s Better Idea approach to water heating where an internal pump circulates between the heat source and tank. Through monitoring and testing real-world installations, this has been proven to be the most efficient system for producing domestic hot water. Separation of the heat source and tank allows a designer to better match a building’s need. It also allows for installation flexibility for utilizing the space available.

The Loch-Spec online selection program is available for free to aid in selection, application, and specification of a complete system. Designers can mix and match the number and size of water heaters and tanks to best meet their layout requirements.

The Shield product line is comprised of 10 different models ranging from 125,000 btu/hr to 500,000 btu/hr input and tank volumes of 65, 90, and 110 gallons. The units have a 5:1 turndown full modulating burner and certified efficiencies up to 96%. All utility connections are located at the top of the appliance to reduce equipment room footprint and increase installation flexibility. Smart Control™ offers a bright, clear LCD display with soft-key buttons and a wide variety of advanced control functions. Additionally, a large, removable pump access panel and control can be found in the front of the cabinet making serviceability a snap. The heat exchangers have been improved to increase efficiency and longevity.

One major addition to the overall product line is in the controls and how it communicates externally.  Units can now communicate multiple data points via BACnet or Modbus, typically to a Building Automation System. For building managers, this communication is vital. In a typical system, a building operator would only find out there is a problem after the building has run out of hot water, now, the owner has the ability to be notified the moment a problem occurs.

Lochinvar continues its tradition of improving its product lines with new technology and manufacturing techniques.

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