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The Mulcahy Process

The Mulcahy team brings the perfect mix of industry expertise, customer service, and old-fashioned work ethic to everything we do. From understanding the challenge to delivering a solution to helping maintain your system, Mulcahy is there for the long haul.

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It starts with discovery.

We evaluate every need through expert eyes. We review every system to identify ways to improve the design and functionality, even if it isn't something we can provide from our 30+ manufacturers.

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Hard work to get it right.

We provide everything you need to operate your system and we work closely with our manufacturers to make sure the equipment meets the design requirements.

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Whatever it takes.

You can count on us to do everything we can to deliver it on time. What we deliver will be right or we will make it right.

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With you for the long haul.

The system is installed and ready to go. Our service group and technical experts work with you to commission the equipment at start-up and help provide ongoing support for years to come.

From boilers and cooling towers to heat exchangers, Mulcahy has the products you need to heat or cool your space. We offer a broad range of industry-leading equipment for your hydronic system.

TCF Stadium enhancements

Despite being new, the home field for the University of Minnesota Gophers needed some enhancements in order to host the Minnesota Vikings for two seasons A method of keeping the field free of snow and ice was required. Team owners and the U of MN agreed that a permanent system utilizing the university’s existing central heating system would not just meet the new requirements but also expand the number of events TCF stadium could host. Multiple vendors proposed designs, but the team settled on Aquatherm Polypropylene pipe supplied with heated glycol by Bell and Gossett pumps and heat exchangers. The owner’s representative and the design engineer (MEP Associates) saw the advantage of installing fused piping underneath the playing surface resulting in a system with ZERO buried and vulnerable mechanical joints. The system functions beautifully keeping the field free of ice and snow.

At Mulcahy, industry-leading pumping equipment meets deep expertise to solve all of your water movement needs. With a broad range of domestic plumbing system equipment, we can help keep your building flowing.

Energy saving pressure boosters

One of the largest retailers in North America came to Mulcahy to help them replace their domestic water pressure boosters as a part of a nationwide, multi-year store upgrade initiative. Working with the retailer’s plumbing contractor we coordinated the delivery, installation, startup, and commissioning of dozens of Goulds e-HV Pressure Booster Systems. The e-HV Pressure Booster, with integrated variable frequency drives and controller, provides just the right amount of domestic water using as little energy as possible.