EC Titanium Motor

August 15, 2022

Author: Eric Yost

Over the past couple of decades, we’ve recognized a steady improvement in the efficiency of motors used for both mechanical and plumbing systems. Instigated by regulations from the Department of Energy and design improvements, AC induction motor efficiencies have improved across the board to what is accepted as the practical limit for this style motor.

The ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) is a new type of motor that is commercially available. This new style of motor transcends the efficiencies of traditional motors with each style of ECM being unique. Most ECMs utilize a form of magnetic rotor and/or an engineered metal core to reduce losses. These new motors are so efficient that new ratings had to be created to categorize them. The current NEMA Premium chart (Equivalent to IE-3) does not capture how effective these motors are, so the IE-4 “Super Premium” and IE-5 “Ultra Super Premium” levels have been introduced to help categorize these them.

The EC Titanium motor from ABB is one of these new commercially available options. It is a Ferrite Assist Synchronous Reluctance (FASR) motor that exceeds the highest industry standard of IE-5. (See table below). Available with up to 20 hp in multiple frame sizes, these Ultra Super Premium Efficient motors possess a few unique advantages over other motor styles.

  1. EC Titanium Motors can be controlled with a standard ACH-580 variable frequency drive
  2. These motors do not utilize rare earth magnets
  3. The lack of a large permanent magnet eliminates the need for special skills to service

EC Titanium Motors have a proven history of installations that prove their efficiency. Mulcahy worked with a large university to retrofit the new motor to fit an existing air handling unit that had been re-sheaved for higher output. The increase in fan capacity necessitated an increase in motor horsepower. This usually means also changing the wire size and VFD, but due to the efficiency and low amp draw of a titanium motor, nothing else needed to be changed.

The EC Titanium motor and ACH-580 combination are a major improvement over the status quo in our industry. Both products have proven real-world applications. Contact Mulcahy if you have any questions or applications.

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