Mulcahy Company names Paul Frank as Vice President of Sales and Business Development

With 35 years of extensive industry experience, including 17 years of dedicated service within Mulcahy Company, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role.
Throughout his career, Paul has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to drive sales growth and foster strategic business relationships. His extensive knowledge of the industry, coupled with a proven track record of success, makes him the ideal candidate to spearhead Mulcahy Company’s sales and business development initiatives.
Paul’s appointment to this new role represents Mulcahy Company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. With Paul’s leadership, the company is poised to embark on a new chapter of growth and success.
“I could not be more excited to welcome Paul into this role. His career-long experience in HVAC, half of which has been serving our customers, offers a perfect opportunity to reinforce our commitment to our amazing team as we continue to expand our offerings in service to those customers. He is the embodiment of Mulcahy’s values, making him an excellent addition to our management team.” Rob Grady, President at Mulcahy.
Mulcahy Company, Inc., founded in 1929, is a manufacturer’s representative, principally serving the heating, cooling, and plumbing industries. Representing manufacturers of a variety of products such as centrifugal pumps, boilers, cooling towers, filtration systems, heat exchangers, tanks, piping systems, valves, instruments, motor control devices, variable speed drives, and numerous accessory items, Mulcahy is an industry leader in the Upper Midwest region.

Xylem’s innovative hydrovar® X Smart Motor.

Bell & Gossett is proud to announce the new e-1510X and e-80X, powered by Xylem’s innovative hydrovar® X Smart Motor.

Simplicity, serviceability and sustainability are top of mind with Bell & Gossett’s powerful new integrated motor and variable speed drive solution. Bell & Gossett’s hydrovar X-enabled smart pump products are the future of intelligent system solutions – combining the efficiency of existing product lines with the power of Xylem’s hydrovar X Smart Motor to create one comprehensive, robust package.

In addition to the best-in-class Series e-1510 end-suction pump and e-80 X inline pump feature an IE5 permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor that is free from rare earth metals. These compact designs features built-in application intelligence and embedded connectivity, making this the industry’s most reliable integrated pump.  The ultra-premium efficient motor and integrated (but serviceable) variable speed drive provide excellent performance in a small footprint.

Features Include:


And it goes without saying, these new and exciting pump options come backed by the industry knowledge and support Mulcahy company provides its customers.


Sweet Traditions: Exploring the Art of Maple Syrup Tapping in Minnesota

It’s that time of year again.  In a typical winter here in Minnesota, we’d be seeing the weather slowly get into the 40’s during the day and mid 20’s in the evening.  For many Minnesotans, this means it’s maple syrup season.  Any keen-eyed driver going through an area with many trees will see the blue bags hanging from the trees or the blue vacuum tube lines crisscrossing through the forest, trying to capture what will become that Liquid Gold. While this spring hasn’t been very typical, it’s still given maple tappers a long stretch of time to be able to capture the sap that will become this season’s maple syrup.

The temperature swing from the 40’s during the day to the 20’s at night is the key for collecting maple sap.  These swings cause the tree to move the sap between the roots and the upper branches of the tree.  The tap that is drilled into the tree is meant to catch it as it moves!

Anyone can start maple syruping! You can do it with as little as one maple tree with a tap and a bucket, a stove and pot, and a candy thermometer.  You can always upgrade and expand as the hobby consumes you!  Once you’ve tried those first pancakes with your own maple syrup, the store-bought stuff will never be the same! Spend some time on online Maple Syruping blogs and you may soon have a Reverse Osmosis (RO) machine, vacuum filters, flat pans, diatomaceous earth, refractometers, hydrometers, and countless other additional gadgets you just “have” to buy.

Converting the watery sap into sticky, golden syrup involves a long, relaxing time of boiling off the extra water.  Maple sap typically contains around 1.5% sugar.  This gives about 1 gallon of syrup for every 40 gallons of sap collected.  Boiling off 39 gallons of water gives one a great opportunity to pull up a chair, grab their favorite adult beverage, and spend time enjoying the warming weather with family and friends.  Keep watching until it reaches 7 degrees Fahrenheit above your local boiling point of water. And just like that you have syrup! Congrats! You now are the favorite member of the family with your liquid gold.

Maple syruping fits perfectly into the lull in the Minnesota outdoors season – too late for snowmobiling but too early for the lake.  Whether you get syrup, or accidentally overboil and end up with a gooey failed mess, what matters is the time spent outdoors with family and friends.



Written by: Eric Scharff

The Mulcahy Process: Support

One of the pillars of the Mulcahy Process is Support.  We are with you for the long haul, and we hope you know this “All Too Well.”  This long-haul support recently got put to the test when Taylor Swift and tens of thousands of screaming fans flooded U.S. Bank Stadium for her recent Eras Tour concert.  With thousands of fans, comes thousands of toilet flushes.  The domestic water booster package was original to the building and had certainly taken its fair share of work over the numerous sporting and concert events since the stadium was built.  The night of this concert was no exception.  Just as Taylor Swift was about to take the stage, one of Mulcahys mechanical contractor customers called with concerns that the booster package was not operating correctly.  Within minutes, both a Mulcahy service technician, salesperson, and the contractor’s employee were on a conference call working through how the booster package was operating. With wives waiting (and hoping) to be called upon to visit the site to help, we were able to quickly verify that the booster package was indeed working, but that some parts had become worn out and damaged from the years of repetitive cycling. That helped to take the worry and just “Shake It Off”.  By working with the contractor and owner, we were able to ensure the pump skid stayed up and running to allow all the fans to experience their “Wildest Dreams” that night.  After making it through the evening, parts were ordered and delivered to get the pump system back up to its fully capacity and after they were installed, we sent our technician out to fine tune the system so that it was primed and “….Ready for It?”.

Author: Eric Scharff (Taylor Swift references from Lauren Scharff)

DOW Annual System Testing

Requirements for Analysis

Dow offers complementary annual analysis for customers using >250 gallons of concentrated Dow heat transfer fluid. This includes the DOWTHERMTM, DOWFROSTTM, AMBITROLTM and NORKOOLTM product lines. Customers can submit a sample from each qualifying system on a yearly basis to confirm the fluid condition and whether it is suitable for continued use or adjustments need to be made. Exceptions may be made for systems experiencing issues. Analysis of non-Dow heat transfer fluids, or other systems which do not meet the above requirements, must be approved on a case-by-case basis by Dow Sales or TS&D before they may be submitted.

Sample Kit Requests

Sample kits are available for customers qualifying for analysis and can be requested by e-mailing and providing the following information:

Company Name:

Full Shipping Address:

Phone Number:

Contact Name:

Type of Kit (2-pack or 6-pack):

Quantity Requested:

Dow offers 2 sizes of sample kits. Customers can request either a 2-pack or a 6-pack kit. Each kit contains everything that is needed to test either 2 or 6 systems.


Testing Overview

The testing program is setup to provide a comprehensive overview of the fluid condition as well as provide recommendations for bringing a heat transfer fluid back to within Dow’s specification, if necessary. Completed samples kits can be returned to:


1712 Bldg – Thermal Fluids

3700 James Savage Rd.

Midland, MI 48642

It is recommended to obtain tracking information for all shipments. Once samples are received, they will be logged into the Dow database and placed in the testing queue. Typical turnaround time is between 5 to 10 business days. If a rush analysis is needed, please indicate the reason for rush analysis on the Sample Identification Sheet. Turnaround times for a rush analysis are usually between 3 to 5 business days. Once testing is completed, an e-mail will be sent to the account contacts with a customized fluid analysis report. For copies of historical reports, reach out to
Each submitted sample will be subjected to the same testing:


How to interpret your Dow heat transfer fluid analysis report

Metraflex Improves an Oldie

Metraflex has taken a fresh look at one of the oldest and most often used piping accessories – the simple strainer.  The result is a significant improvement in two important areas.

First, the new Metraflex LPD Y-Strainer/Filter provides significant energy savings over the old Y-strainer. Metraflex has re-engineered the 100-year-old strainer and given it a leaner interior with fewer obstructions.  Slight changes to the bridge wall/body casting structure direct flow in a much straighter line from intake to discharge over traditional designs. Other internal structural improvements also help create a more open internal geometry, allowing for smoother flow throughout the strainer.  The result is significantly lower pressure drops resulting in energy-savings so significant that the LPD Y-strainer can pay for itself in months. Metraflex commissioned a study with the Utah Water Research Lab to quantify the results of this new design- For details :View Utah Water Research Laboratory study.


Second, the new LPD Y-strainer internal design also accommodates a significantly larger screen, up to 30% larger. This larger screen has more holes allowing smoother fluid flow. In addition, as debris collects, the same amount of debris trapped by both the new LPD Y-strainer screen and a traditional, old Y-strainer screen covers a significantly smaller percentage of the new LPD Y-strainer screen. This contributes to lower pressure loss. It also takes longer for debris to collect and significantly impact strainer performance.  Operators have the option to open the plug and drain the strainer, or easily access the screen by removing the plate.

To improve the filtration effectiveness even further, systems can be upgraded to the LPD-Mag.   This incorporates a Neodymium magnet to capture iron oxide and other magnetic dirt in the system.  The upgrade is available on new LPD strainers or can be retrofitted to most existing installations.





LP Mag success storys.

Bell & Gossett e-80SCXL

Bell and Gossett is pleased to announce the e-80SCXL – the newest enhancement to our highly efficient, split-coupled, vertical inline centrifugal pump – ideal for hydronic heating and cooling systems, light industrial process, and general service.

B&G will be introducing (10) new sizes (8×16, 10×13, 10×15, 10×16, 12×11, 12×17, 14×14, 14×16, 14×18, 18×15) operating at 1800 RPM, 200, 230/460 & 575V, 3 Phase.

Bonus feature: the optimyze™ modular condition monitoring solution comes standard as a bonus feature; this device periodically monitors system vibration and temperature to provide predictive maintenance advice before issues become critical to uptime.

Promotional brochure
Specification sheet
Curve book includes performance data for sizes, 8×16, 10×13, 10×15, 10×16, 12×17 (remaining sizes coming soon), material configurations, mechanical seals and dimensional data on all sizes.

Motorcycling in Minnesota

By Dan Chudecke

One of my favorite ways to spend time off is riding my motorcycle.  A sign in my office reads “Four wheels move a body; Two wheels move a soul”.  Whether exploring new destinations or merely getting a cup of coffee from a trusted cafe, travelling by motorcycle always recharges me.  Below are some ideas on where you might consider a two-wheeled road trip.   All these destinations can be worth the effort even if you make the trip in your boring car (FYI – All cars are boring to motorcyclists).

Short Ride – Twin Cities Metro-(2-3 hours approximately)

Most people think only of wide-open plains and mountains as worthy motorcycle destinations, but the urban environments offer a lot of opportunities.   These destinations are best visited during lighter traffic times.   Riding around the lakes of Minneapolis and Minnetonka are excellent options if you only have a small block of time.   These areas offer great scenery, and numerous options for food and beverage.  Personally, a niche coffee shop and or bakery is the most common stop for me.  One excellent source for establishments to visit is the Mpls/St. Paul Magazine web site.  Bring your riding gear inside a coffee shop and you’ll likely find yourself in a friendly conversation about your mode of transportation.   Some other options for an interesting ride include Summit and Grand Avenues in St. Paul, Minnehaha Parkway in Minneapolis, and the Mississippi River Roads.

Mid Ride -Mississippi/St. Croix – (6+ hours?)

The Mississippi and St. Croix present a great ride option providing ample stop options as you follow along the meandering water ways.  This ride is best thought of as multiple smaller circuits –

Danbury WI à St. Croix Falls, WI  à Hudson/Stillwater à Redwing, MN à ETC

Pick one or more of these segments to create a ride.   Some riders I’ve spoken to go ‘Up on side and down the other’ but sticking to one bank also works.   Going the opposite direction at a different time of day changes the experience.


Long Ride – Mississippi/Lake Superior (Multiple Days)

Circumnavigating Lake Superior or travelling the length of the Mississippi are for those of you open to a large adventure.   These 1000+ mile journeys require dedication, a comfortable seat and plenty of planning.   Some recommended references sources to consider include:


The motorcycle riding season here is short but the opportunities in Minnesota are numerous.   Hope to see you on the open road!

Six Years of Getting It Right

At Mulcahy, we say what we mean, and we do what we say, even when nobody is watching – that starts with the way we treat our employees, empowering them to do the right thing in service of the customer or one another.

We’re proud to announce that Mulcahy has been awarded the 2023 Top 200 Workplaces Award.

Winning the Top Workplaces Award for the sixth consecutive year is validation of our employees-first approach, but it’s more than that. It’s fuel to continue our investment in an environment that allows employees to thrive, personally and professionally.

“Mulcahy does an excellent job of helping employees strengthen their family and community connections. They provide great flexibility and help us grow as people not just professionals; they work hard to take collective action on our purpose, and they truly care and invest in employee well-being.” — Mike Sachi, Project Management.

Crest Hellcat in the Real World

By: Dan Chudecke

For over a decade, the Lochinvar CREST has been an efficient and reliable source of hydronic heat. The product line has been improved over the years to take advantage of new technologies and components.
The latest Crest innovation is the Hellcat Combustion Technology system that continuously adjusts based on real time O2 data to improve operation (aka O2 trim). A common challenge for peak condensing boiler operation is maintaining the proper fuel-to-air ratio, especially considering the wide range of ambient conditions we experience. Excess oxygen in natural gas and liquified Propane combustion prevents a boiler from condensing and capturing 10-12% of energy an owner paid for. Some systems just accept a certain amount of variability in operation. However, if a boiler is to constantly maintain peak performance, the adage of “measure to manage” must be applied. Unlike very large industrial boilers, no cost-effective opportunity for adaptation and improvement existed for smaller commercial-sized systems until now.
Given that heating plants are a CRITICAL system in our region, Mulcahy will only recommend products and options to our customers that operate reliably with minimal attention. In the past, O2 trim systems required frequent sensor replacement and testing. Lochinvar engineers set out to create a system that provided efficient operation but not at the cost of excessive maintenance. A recent visit to a Hellcat installed in the fall of 2021 proved that they were successful.
There is a significant amount of data logging functions inherent to the standard Crest boilers (both with and without Hellcat). A good indicator of proper operation after a system has been online for a while is comparing run times and cycles. Long average run times are good to see and can only happen if all the control elements are properly set for the system. On this project, the boilers operated approximately 18 hours per successful ignition. It would likely have been longer if not for the code requirement that boilers cycle off at least once every 24 hours to test the controls. (See Figure 1)
Another piece of data available on Hellcat units is the is how much life remains on the O2 sensor. At this installation, only 9% of the sensor’s life had been used over two full winters. (See Figure 2). It will be years of operation before the sensor will need service.
There is no better test of a product than the real world and the Lochinvar Crest with Hellcat Combustion Technology has met the challenge. For more information contact Mulcahy Company for any questions.


Figure 1

Figure 2