The Mulcahy Process: Support

January 23, 2024

One of the pillars of the Mulcahy Process is Support.  We are with you for the long haul, and we hope you know this “All Too Well.”  This long-haul support recently got put to the test when Taylor Swift and tens of thousands of screaming fans flooded U.S. Bank Stadium for her recent Eras Tour concert.  With thousands of fans, comes thousands of toilet flushes.  The domestic water booster package was original to the building and had certainly taken its fair share of work over the numerous sporting and concert events since the stadium was built.  The night of this concert was no exception.  Just as Taylor Swift was about to take the stage, one of Mulcahys mechanical contractor customers called with concerns that the booster package was not operating correctly.  Within minutes, both a Mulcahy service technician, salesperson, and the contractor’s employee were on a conference call working through how the booster package was operating. With wives waiting (and hoping) to be called upon to visit the site to help, we were able to quickly verify that the booster package was indeed working, but that some parts had become worn out and damaged from the years of repetitive cycling. That helped to take the worry and just “Shake It Off”.  By working with the contractor and owner, we were able to ensure the pump skid stayed up and running to allow all the fans to experience their “Wildest Dreams” that night.  After making it through the evening, parts were ordered and delivered to get the pump system back up to its fully capacity and after they were installed, we sent our technician out to fine tune the system so that it was primed and “….Ready for It?”.

Author: Eric Scharff (Taylor Swift references from Lauren Scharff)

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