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When to get an inspection

  • It is leaking from seams, pin holes, spitting, or overflowing.
  • Has visible corrosion, white rust, scale buildup on coil surface, distribution pan, sump, or tower fill materials.
  • Your cooling tower or fluid cooler is older than 10 years.
  • Does not incorporate energy saving variable speed fan technologies.
  • Does not appear to maintain original design capacity or system conditions have changed.

Inspected by experts

Mulcahy Company is offering a free visual inspection and assessment of your existing cooling tower or fluid cooler system! We will offer advice on current condition, operation, and remaining useful life.

Our experts use Baltimore Air Coil’s BAC Inspect App to walk through all necessary steps of the inspection to ensure everything is checked and in compliance with local and national legislation. The inspection includes unit accessibility, fan and drive assembly, heat transfer section, water distribution, drift eliminators, and more. Following the inspection, a report will be generated. 

The BAC Inspect report will provide the following features:

  • Front page, complete with installation picture and job details
  • Contact details
  • Full report, including:
    • Observations, describing the unit condition
    • Recommendations, describing the recommended action to resolve the issue
    • Comments, which you can add manually
    • Pictures, to illustrate your observations
    • Figures to support your observations
  • 5 Year recommended action plan, single page report summary

Our expert will walk you through the condition report and discuss operational improvement opportunities and replacement options when the time comes to upgrade your equipment.

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