The Best Ability is Availability

March 21, 2022

There are many critical HVAC systems currently operating with degraded efficiency and on the brink of failure. Often, it’s the central air handling unit (AHU) that is on life support and is exhibiting the symptoms of soon and unrepairable failure. However, these ubiquitous pieces of equipment currently carry some of the longest lead times in our industry. Quick replacement usually means sacrificing options and quality.

Let Mulcahy Company and VTS offer you a solution!

We can select, configure and price a new customized AHU for you in a matter of minutes to meet your performance and dimensional requirements. The numerous options allow us to meet the requirements for most applications.

The key is the configurable modular design. The ability to orient fans, coils, heat wheels, filters, etc. result in a final design that can meet the space and performance goals. For this reason, VTS air handlers were chosen for the retrofit of the Milwaukee Athletic Club. The short lead time fits in with the phased construction schedule. The project totaled over 20 units ranging from 1700-10,000 cfm to transform the building’s mechanical systems.

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