Motorcycling in Minnesota

July 18, 2023

By Dan Chudecke

One of my favorite ways to spend time off is riding my motorcycle.  A sign in my office reads “Four wheels move a body; Two wheels move a soul”.  Whether exploring new destinations or merely getting a cup of coffee from a trusted cafe, travelling by motorcycle always recharges me.  Below are some ideas on where you might consider a two-wheeled road trip.   All these destinations can be worth the effort even if you make the trip in your boring car (FYI – All cars are boring to motorcyclists).

Short Ride – Twin Cities Metro-(2-3 hours approximately)

Most people think only of wide-open plains and mountains as worthy motorcycle destinations, but the urban environments offer a lot of opportunities.   These destinations are best visited during lighter traffic times.   Riding around the lakes of Minneapolis and Minnetonka are excellent options if you only have a small block of time.   These areas offer great scenery, and numerous options for food and beverage.  Personally, a niche coffee shop and or bakery is the most common stop for me.  One excellent source for establishments to visit is the Mpls/St. Paul Magazine web site.  Bring your riding gear inside a coffee shop and you’ll likely find yourself in a friendly conversation about your mode of transportation.   Some other options for an interesting ride include Summit and Grand Avenues in St. Paul, Minnehaha Parkway in Minneapolis, and the Mississippi River Roads.

Mid Ride -Mississippi/St. Croix – (6+ hours?)

The Mississippi and St. Croix present a great ride option providing ample stop options as you follow along the meandering water ways.  This ride is best thought of as multiple smaller circuits –

Danbury WI à St. Croix Falls, WI  à Hudson/Stillwater à Redwing, MN à ETC

Pick one or more of these segments to create a ride.   Some riders I’ve spoken to go ‘Up on side and down the other’ but sticking to one bank also works.   Going the opposite direction at a different time of day changes the experience.


Long Ride – Mississippi/Lake Superior (Multiple Days)

Circumnavigating Lake Superior or travelling the length of the Mississippi are for those of you open to a large adventure.   These 1000+ mile journeys require dedication, a comfortable seat and plenty of planning.   Some recommended references sources to consider include:


The motorcycle riding season here is short but the opportunities in Minnesota are numerous.   Hope to see you on the open road!

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