AHR Expo Recap

March 21, 2023

Author: Dan Chudecke

The 2023 AHR Expo was held this year in Atlanta, GA and the well-attended event was the stage for several exciting product announcements.  Here are a few of the highlights.

Bell & Gossett (B&G) added to their pump offering with the introduction of the e-90E Smart Pump .  The e-90 pump is a versatile in-line pump offering wide hydraulic coverage well suited for the small commercial HVAC market. Available in horizontal or vertical installations, the close coupled build of the Series e-90 pump makes it an ideal solution for heating and cooling applications where space is a concern.

The latest improvement comes from the addition of an Ultra-Premium IE-5 motor and variable speed drive to the already efficient hydraulics of the e-90 pump.  This improvement in efficiency expands the range of operation beyond what is available with a standard asynchronous AC motor.

Beyond the inherent pluses of variable speed operation, the e-90 Smart Pump built in control options that allow the pump to capture all the benefits without needing external controls.

The Baltimore Air Coil Company showcased the innovative Trillium Series of adiabatic fluid coolers with their wide offering of heat rejection options.   The modular hybrid unit utilizes high efficient ECM fans to draw air across the coil to reject heat while keeping the water/glycol isolated from the air stream.  The Trillium can operate dry when conditions allow, but the best efficiency is attained via precooling at the air inlets.   The internal pumps circulate water over the adiabatic pads to gain the benefits of evaporative cooling and the water management systems periodically drains the unit to prevent mineral buildup.  The complete system requires no external controls to stage, modulate, and rotate the fans and pumps.   The Trillium controls will also occasionally reverse the air flow to blow off anything that may be lodged in the air inlet.    There is so much more to this unit than can be described in a simple bulletin. For and AR tour for this innovative design follow the link.

Cemline Corporation announced the addition of an electronic mixing valve to complement their wide offering of unfired water heaters.  The Cemline® Digital Tempering Valve (DTV) is designed to provide consistent tempered water to institutional and commercial facilities. The digital controller wired to the stainless-steel control valve can accurately maintain set point within +/-2°F from 0.5 gpm to full flow.

The DTV Series can be used for domestic hot water, or heating/cooling for industrial applications. The controller can remotely communicate with the building management system with options of BACnet (IP or MSTP), Modbus, or Internet. The digital tempering valves include a controller, stainless steel valve, and temperature sensor. The valves are available from 1/2″ to 2-1/2″.   The valve conforms to ASSE 1017, California Lead Free Plumbing Law, CSA B 125 (NSF /ANSI 61 Section 8), and UL listed.


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