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The Sound of Improvement

November 18, 2020

Baltimore Aircoil Company offers many different models and options to best suit the requirements of a particular project. It all starts with thermal performance, but other site installation requirements can have a significant impact on the final system. One non-heat transfer project parameter is the sound generated by a cooling tower. There are several cooling tower options available that address sound concerns.  Some of these options have an impact on cooling tower performance along with sound levels. BAC provides a very powerful tool to evaluate the sound levels that adjusts for factors such as direction, distance, operating speed, and installed sound attenuation.   

Baltimore Aircoil Company recently announced a new and improved Whisper Quiet Fan that is now available for Series 3000 Cooling Towers, bringing several benefits including:

  • Higher thermal performance – 5% thermal performance increase over units with the previous Whisper Quiet Fan
  • Meets the latest CTI sound standard – New ratings in accordance with CTI standard ATC-128 (2019)
  • Lower height and shipping costs – Up to 12” lower height on some models

BAC continues to offer a full range of low sound fans, including the Standard Fan, Low Sound Fan, and Whisper Quiet Fan. Please continue to specify and offer the Whisper Quiet Fan only when needed to comply with local codes or to satisfy other customer requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding a project.

Standard Fan with Endura Drive

Baltimore Aircoil Company’s efforts to improve its sound data apply to other product series, and BAC has taken steps to comply with the latest industry standards.  The following improvements have been made to the online selection program:

  • Updated sound pressure and sound power ratings
    • Data for most products will remain the same at full load
    • Part load sound ratings increased to account for water noise
    • PT2 multi-cell unit data decreased
    • FXV and CXVB Whisper Quiet Fan data increased
  • New sound power calculations for 2019 revision of CTI sound standard ATC-128

Baltimore Aircoil Company’s commitment to continuously improving their products is the reason they remain the industry leader in their field.

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