By Your Side for the Long Haul

March 3, 2020

While representing Mestek, Mulcahy sold Dakota State University some Mestek boilers. After this, Mulcahy ceased representation of that product and moved to Lochinvar for boilers. After this transition, the boilers at DSU had issues due to the site conditions that needed to be addressed.

Despite no longer working with the Mestek line, Mulcahy was committed to ensuring that the equipment we sold met the original conditions for the job. Working with the new rep, Mulcahy secured new parts for the boilers and dispatched service technicians to perform the work.

Mulcahy prides itself on delivering the highest quality products and unrivaled customer service.
Whether it’s a Mestek boiler we sold before we switched lines, or a Lochinvar product sold prior to becoming the rep, we are ready to serve our customers by standing behind our product to meet their hydronic system needs.

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