2019 Mulcahy Expo

2019 Mulcahy Expo and 90th Anniversary Celebration

Mulcahy Company would like to invite you to attend our 2019 Product Expo on May 21st, 2019 at 12:30 PM located at our Eagan, MN headquarters.  The Expo will feature displays from 20+ of our lines as well as seminars regarding Closed Loop Hydronic Water Treatment, Domestic Water Heaters, High Efficiency Boiler Controls, Plumbing Systems, Sensored vs. Sensorless Variable Speed Pump Systems, and a Case Study discussing the challenges of replacing cooling towers at the top of two of the Twin Cities tallest buildings.

Following the seminars, all are invited to attend a night at the Saint Paul Saints game versus the Chicago Dogs.  Dinner and drinks will be provided by Mulcahy Company. Transportation to the game and back to Mulcahy Company's office after the game will be provided by Mulcahy Company.

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Because Every Drop Counts

As part of our Expo and 90th Anniversary Celebration, Mulcahy is partnering with Xylem Watermark to raise money to support their mission. Xylem Watermark’s mission is to provide and protect safe water resources for communities in need around the world and educate people about water issues.

When you donate to dunk, not only do we account for every drop of water, but every cent donated will support Watermark’s nonprofit partners. If you are interested in learning more about the Xylem Watermark Global Initiative, please visit xylemwatermark.com.

You do not need to attend the Mulcahy Expo to donate to Watermark.

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The following seminars will be featured at the Expo.  PDH's will be available for each seminar.   

Domestic Water Heater Systems

There are several design options available for providing domestic hot water. This seminar will cover the pros and cons of each.  This seminar will include the decision factors involved in tank type systems, separate storage and source systems, and instantaneous solutions. 

High Efficiency Boiler Controls

Research has shown that one of the primary obstacles to a successful high efficiency boiler installation is the misapplication and misunderstanding of a systems controls. This seminar will cover the key elements learned from a multitude of real world installations.

Plumbing Systems

Presented by: Xylem Inc.

Pumps are a key element to a buildings plumbing system. This seminar will give an overview of the sizing and selection of pressure booster systems.

Closed Loop Hydronic Water Treatment

Presented by: Axiom Industries

Proper water treatment is the biggest factor in the life of a closed loop hydronic system.  This seminar will discuss some basics as to what a proper water treatment process consists of.

High Rise Building Cooling Tower Retrofit Case Study

Cooling tower retrofits bring their own set of challenges when the towers are located on some of the tallest buildings in the Twin Cities.  This seminar will go over a few of those challenges in recent jobs and discuss how proper planning and equipment materials can help save time, money, and headaches. 

Sensored vs. Sensorless Variable Speed Pump Systems 

Advancements in processing power and variable speed drives have led to new control options for variable speed HVAC pumps.  This seminar will discuss the pros and cons of the different options.

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