2018 Mulcahy Expo

2018 Mulcahy Expo

Mulcahy Company would like to invite you to attend our 2018 Product Expo on July 10th, 2018 at 12:30 PM located at our Eagan, MN headquarters.  The Expo will feature displays from 20+ of our lines as well as seminars regardings Commerical Domestic Hot Water Systems, Variable Speed Drives, Dual Fuel Options Beyond Fuel Oil, High Efficiency and Low Nox Burner Technology, and Utility Rebates that are availabe for your energy efficiency upgrades.  

Following the seminars, all are invited to attend a night at the Saint Paul Saints game versus the Cleburne Railroaders.  Dinner and drinks will be provided by Mulcahy Company. Transportation to the game and back to Mulcahy Company's office after the game will be provided by Mulcahy Company.

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Educational seminars will be presented on site at Mulcahy Company's Headquarters.  PDH credits will be available for each seminar.  

Duel Fuel Alternatives: Complete Propane/Air Mix Systems

Presented by: Standby Systems Inc.

Fuel redundancy can be a key requirement for critical building operations.  The most common option is the use of appliances that are purchased with natural gas as a primary fuel source, and fuel oil as a back-up source.  The downside of this arrangement is the need for specialized equipment, extra maintenance, and environmental concerns.  This presentation will cover another commercially viable alternative that can provide building-wide gas supply to natural gas burning appliance: propane-air mix systems.

Variable Frequency Drive Application: Maximizing Comfort, Safety, and Energy Savings

Presented by: Mulcahy

The use of variable frequency drives to efficiently control mechanical equipment and save energy continue to grow in popularity.  Our drive experts will provide conventional examples of the use and operation of VFD’s in HVAC systems.  This will include information regarding installation, control and safety considerations.

Commercial Domestic Hot Water: Saving Space and Energy by Eliminating Tanks

Presented by: Mulcahy

Domestic hot water represents a sizeable amount of energy consumption in commercial facilities.  Instantaneous gas fired equipment can offer advantages over tank style systems in efficiency, space requirements and legionella concerns.  New water heater technology provides better operation and system redundancy over tank systems and traditional instantaneous appliances.  Learn about the advantages of will discuss these items along with the sizing and application advantages.

High Efficiency and Low NOx Burners

Presented by: Mulcahy

Newer burner technologies offer improvements in efficiency and environmental performance.  The presentation will discuss the different approaches achieve a higher level of performance in large industrial sized steam and hot water boilers.

Regional Utility Energy Rebates

Presented by: Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy

Upgrading to high-efficiency appliances can save on energy costs.  In addition, major utility companies offer cash savings on the up-front appliance costs through their rebate programs.  Centerpoint Energy and Xcel Energy will present the various prescriptive and custom rebates available to end users, equipment suppliers, engineers and installers.

Hydronic Piping: How Proper Piping and Pumping Can Save Energy

Presented by: Mulcahy 

Proper piping in any system can have a major impact on pump and boiler performance.  Independent studies confirm that improper system piping design can prevent the achievement of stated appliance efficiencies.  This seminar will provide an overview of traditional hydronic piping layouts, how different hydronic designs operate, and the effect it has on system performance.

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